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2004 Aleatico di Tizzana

Wine: Aleatico di Tizzana
Vintage: 2004
ALC/VOL: 15.5% (Approx. 4.6 Standard Drinks)
Winemaker: Peter Auld
Background: Made in the Tuscan tradition from Aleatico grapes, grown at Tizzana Vineyards. 
In Tuscany the name given to these wines is Vino Santo or "Holy Wine". This prized and exquisite wine was drunk by discerning prelates and priests during religious rituals.
Tasting Notes: This particular release has developed savoury characteristics with overtones of marinated red capsicum, interlaced with quince and rose water. Chill and serve with finely sliced fruit and cheese
Cellar Door Price: $28.00/bottle (375ml)
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